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Coronaviruses, other pathogens and everything else you can find on retail card machines, public high-touch devices and how UV-CLEAN™ can help…

Credit cards and debit cards are convenient, accessible and widely used. For these very reasons the pathogens that they harbour make them dirtier than cash. In 2019 Finance website LendEDU.com, based in New York, tested a variety of items for their germ scores. Credit and debit cards had an average germ score of 285 and dollar bills scored 160. The Penn station urinals had a score of 163. Only items carrying a germ score of 10 or less are considered sanitary for use on food establishment surfaces. This means that the card you use to pay with should ideally be banned in restaurants. 

Prior to the LendEDU study, in 2018, Finnish researchers collected 90 swab samples from frequently touched surfaces at a major airport and tested them for viral pathogens. Among the various surfaces that were tested were handrails, luggage trays at the security check area, doorknobs, counters and toilet flushing buttons. The findings showed that most surfaces did not have any live viruses, including all 14 samples from the airport toilets. Only one surface tested positive for the rhinovirus and a coronavirus. The buttons of the point-of-sale terminal at the airport pharmacy.

Covid-19 has brought with it an acute awareness for public hygiene and safety. All touchable surfaces are considered harbingers of the viral microorganisms, especially those that are in high traffic use. A 2018 study by metro.co.uk found that touchscreen order screens at various McDonald’s outlets across Britain had traces of faeces on them. One faecal swab turned out to contain staphylococcus; bacteria that can cause blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome. It is also highly contagious. What lay beneath the touchscreens? Point-of-sale terminals for customers to pay – after placing their orders. 

Dozens of customers, per hour, touch the buttons of a point-of-sale terminal. On a typical day, some persons make up to 6 card payments at various retailers. Food establishments, groceries and gas stations are among the most frequently visited places. Even with the initial prevention methods of using hand sanitisers or washing at the sink outside, customers will inevitably touch their phones, their bags and their wallets while inside an establishment. At the check-out counter, with new germs already embedded, cards are pulled out to make payments, transferring viral microorganisms to each button that is pressed on the terminal pad.

It should be noted that viruses can stay alive on surfaces for several hours and up to 9 days. This means that hundreds of customers can leave a retail outlet with viral germs attached to their palms. This is the starting point for viruses to be transferred with relative ease. 

In comes UV-CLEAN™…

UV-CLEAN is a star player in the fight against the spread of dangerous, infection-causing bacteria in high-touch public settings. It is the only UV-C device of its kind in the world to be certified by NSF International. They deemed it to be able to kill 99.9% of pathogens. Because UV-C technology affects surfaces within seconds, it goes beyond just killing microorganisms. It also renders them inactive by scrambling their DNA. This means that they disintegrate at the genetic level. With UV-CLEAN’s powerful, motion-activated technology in place, point-of-sale terminals are no longer hot-spots for germ formation, replication and transfer. Customers are assured of a healthier shopping experience and can leave knowing that they aren’t carrying home more than they bargained for. The health of employees is given optimal support, resulting in fewer sick days from work-related viral infections.

By investing in UV-CLEAN technology retailers are sending a loud and clear message – that the well-being of their customers and employees is their optimum priority.

UV Cleaning Technologies Ltd. is the only authorised distributor of UV-CLEAN for the Caribbean Region. View the UV-CLEANproduct range via the link below: 

UV-CLEAN is regulated by both the Environmental Protection Agency (USA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA)

UV-CLEAN is The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) Top Innovation of the Year (2019)